It’s a Wonder Full Life

The Eiffel Tower:


The Taj Mahal:


The Roman Colosseum:


The Pyramids:



The Leaning Tower of Pisa:


My meatloaf:




Wait!  Don’t go–I was going to spruce it up with a sprig of parsley and put it on a fancy plate beside a gorgeous table setting, but I only had a few minutes before heading out the door.  Besides, it’s what’s inside that counts:              



Cheese and bacon!  It’s like the Big Mac of meatloafs–without the bun.      

Here’s what people are saying about it:

“It’s good, Mom.  It’s not the pyramids, but it’s okay.”  (my son)  Like he’s ever tasted the pyramids.

“Mmmm…”  (my daughter)

“Meeoomoreooww. . .” (my cat) All right, I made that up.  My cat snubbed her nose at it.

“Rrrrrruff!”  (my dog)–okay, I made that up, too.  But she did ask for seconds.

It’ll be all gone before it even has a chance of making  ‘wonder of the world’ status so I’m just letting you in on what might be the best kept secret of the modern-day world.       

If nothing else, it should conjure up memories of your mother telling you it’s what’s on the inside that counts; that you can’t judge a book by its cover; yes, you have to eat every last pea–and a slew of other clichés you thought you’d squeak by without.

I’ll try to get out more.

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