Dog Extraordinaire

Meet Loco: dog extraordinaire.

When she’s not ridding the world of killer bunnies

menacing mourning doves

and vicious attack cats,

you’ll find her worshipping friends who drop by for a visit,

contemplating life,

or just snoozing.

She’s a little bit country

a little bit rock ‘n roll,

LOTS ‘loco’

and one hyperactive bundle of attention ‘excess’ disorder,

all wrapped up in a lot of frenetically charged fur.

And she has taught me so much about the way life should be lived.


  1. I absolutely loved this! I got into your blog via another blog and I saw in that other blog where you’d written you’d found your “visit site” button again. I’ve lost mine and I too am stuck in the Dashboard area and have to really work to get to my blog. any way you can tell me how you got your button back?

  2. Hi there. I think you’re talking about the ‘Surprise Me’ blog. What happened was, after clicking it I’d lost some things on the dashboard, but after clicking back and forth between pages and going back to the dashboard, it had resolved itself. I’m guessing you’ve probably got yours back by now?
    So glad you stopped by :). Take care.

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