The Perils of Slaying a Giant


While working on updating my site I came across this poem again. It just seems so appropriate for the way things are in the world today–very few wanting to break out and stand up for what is right; finding comfort in following the crowd.

While everyone may have been thrilled about Goliath going down, not everyone was thrilled about who God chose to accomplish it, and his unyielding faith. David’s brothers despised him, and later Saul’s envy was so out of control David spent years in hiding and constant flight.

Then he took his staff in his hand, chose five smooth stones from the stream, put them in the pouch of his shepherd’s bag…


I go down to the valley
where Goliath begs to be felled;
from where he is a mite
scaling the footprint of God.

But he has become a giant,
and I find solace in the crowd;
comfort in the collective
cowardice. All of us
tethered to the same insecurities;
fastened by familiar fright.

United we stand
against our own success.

Pity the poor lad who dares
divide us asunder

with just a fist full of faith
and  a pocket full of rocks.


  1. Oh, Heather! Such an excellent, excellent poem/meditation! Thank you so much for sharing! Our Pastor, the Rev. Dr. Charles (Chuck) Wilson, is an EXTRAORDINAY preacher, and last summer he preached a series on David. I think you would really enjoy listening to him! All his sermon recordings are available on-line. I’ll send you the link if you would like to hear something really uplifting, educational and insightful one of these days when you are down!

    I want to make sure you know that even though I don’t always comment, being pressed for time, I always read your blog, and I think this and your photo blog are wonderful and inspired! I like to leave detailed or thoughtful comments, which is why I run out of time, I’m afraid. Anyway, your blog is one of my tip-top favorites!

    Besides which, you always leave such wonderful comments on mine!

    God’s Peace for you Heather, enough. . .

  2. Thanks, Paula. I will have to check that out.

    I feel the same as you. I used to try to comment every day on every blog I was following, but I found it too hard. So, I tend to play catch-up.

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