The Perils of Slaying a Giant

Then he took his staff in his hand, chose five smooth stones from the stream, put them in the pouch of his shepherd’s bag…

I go down to the valley
where Goliath begs to be felled;
from where he is a mite
scaling the footprint of God.

But he has become a giant,
and I find solace in the crowd;
comfort in the collective
cowardice. All of us
tethered to the same insecurities;
fastened by familiar fright.

United we stand
against our own success.

Pity the poor lad who dares
divide us asunder

with just a fist full of faith
and a pocket full of rocks.

**originally posted March 1st, 2011


  1. Oh, Heather! Such an excellent, excellent poem/meditation! Thank you so much for sharing! Our Pastor, the Rev. Dr. Charles (Chuck) Wilson, is an EXTRAORDINAY preacher, and last summer he preached a series on David. I think you would really enjoy listening to him! All his sermon recordings are available on-line. I’ll send you the link if you would like to hear something really uplifting, educational and insightful one of these days when you are down!

    I want to make sure you know that even though I don’t always comment, being pressed for time, I always read your blog, and I think this and your photo blog are wonderful and inspired! I like to leave detailed or thoughtful comments, which is why I run out of time, I’m afraid. Anyway, your blog is one of my tip-top favorites!

    Besides which, you always leave such wonderful comments on mine!

    God’s Peace for you Heather, enough. . .

  2. Thanks, Paula. I will have to check that out.

    I feel the same as you. I used to try to comment every day on every blog I was following, but I found it too hard. So, I tend to play catch-up.

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