Every now and then I like to imagine I’m a real writer. During these supercilious flights of fancy I’ve been known to compose scads of poetry, write numerous songs, publish articles, dabble in short fiction, and even write the first draft of a novel. So far no one’s apprehended me, made a citizen’s arrest or called me out in a crowd. I’ve even gone so far as to get published in a popular Canadian anthology: 

A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider.


In fact, I was privileged enough to join many of the other authors in the anthology at Write! Canada recently. Seems no one saw through me there, either. They even let me slip into the book signing and scribble my name in other people’s copies like they actually believed it too. I feel like the most blessed person on earth, because I get to do what I love most—write.
It’s a fun ride—following God in the middle of those painful circumstances tailor-made to transform me. The good far outweighs the bad.
Whether we write, or sing, or sweep or drive a transport for God’s glory—it’s all about transformation. Not just that we get transformed, but that maybe we can also be part of someone else’s.
I had a little taste of that recently. I needed to find a hard copy of an article I’d written a few years ago for a submission I’m putting together. Since I no longer had access to the publication online, I contacted the corporate office and asked if they could send my request to the right department. What I got back was an enthusiastic email from the Systems Manager who’d received my message and said she actually remembered the article and the impact it had on her. That someone would remember a little article I wrote nearly four years ago is the best compliment I could ever hope to get.
I want to write things that matter. I want to change people’s lives with my words. Which, incidentally, was the theme of this year’s conference.
Someone else I know is into transforming lives, too. A childhood friend and neighbour of my grandparents—where we spent endless days playing in the back acres of bush—along with his wife is helping to transform the lives of critically ill children and their moms in the Dominican Republic.

Transformation House Dominican 

Please check them out here: Transformation House Dominican. Their focus is to give a “Hand-Up” and not a “Hand-Out.” They strive to educate and support mothers so they are better able to look after their sick children. Their goal is to provide medical assistance to the poor and marginalized and to help them get out of the poverty cycle. It is their intention to provide a safe refuge for children and their moms.
I was wondering—wouldn’t it be great if one way for me to help change the world with my words would be to bring all of this together and give everyone the opportunity to check out my friend’s ministry, and maybe show a little support at the same time?
So—I’m about to have my first ever blog give-away. I would like to give away a free copy of A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider to someone who leaves a comment on this post in the next two weeks. If you’d like to purchase a copy from me, just say so in your comment and I’ll get in touch with you by email—and donate $5 from each copy sold to Transformation House Dominican. Together, our words and actions can help be part of the transformation.
Thought I’d leave you with the theme song from this year’s conference:


  1. Oh, Heather! I’m too happy for you to be envious of your wonderful success – a success that you deserve every single bit of, and more! God is blessing your efforts, most assuredly, so quit doubting the work God has been pleased to do through your mind and heart and accept with thanks the praise offered. You know that God is being praised at the same time, because that’s the way you write. Remember the parable of the talents. . .invest what you are given – and much has been given you! Rejoice in this beginning of the reaping of the harvest!

    I have a dream similar to yours. I will keep plugging away – because I also LOVE to write! Did you happen to notice that I have (gulp) begun writing a book? Lord, have mercy! (And I really mean that!) But I’m having fun.

    Don’t know if you’ve been gone from my mailbox, or if I have been remiss in reading and/or commenting on your blogs – in any event, glad to be back in touch! I’ve missed you!

  2. Heather. you always remind me of what counts and what’s important.. I love what your about. I also love the fact that I have a friend whose a genuine author.. you indeed have a gift.. “You Go Girl”

  3. Changing peoples lives one day at a time, one Book at time….whatever it takes. If each one of us do “just that little bit to help” it will and does make a difference.
    Thank you for helping Martin and Cindy continue to make a difference !!

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