In times of plenty

it’s hard to imagine

that crumbs

could be anything but waste, to be wiped away with the trash.

A good meal

is taken for granted

in times of plenty.

Sometimes, when my heart is filled up with plenty–plenty of activities; plenty of dreams; plenty of goals to achieve–I give God the crumbs.

When my prayer time gets swept away with the wastefulness of life it’s never long before famine sets into my soul.

And I find myself back at the altar,

begging just to taste the crumbs at His table, once more.


  1. Like the Syrophoenician mother, right? “Even the little dogs. . .” except in reverse. We are so prone to forget God in the good times, and turn to God in the lean, full of apology, when actually the one we have really hurt is ourselves! We forget that the true joy in life comes not from plenty but from enough, and that we are given more than enough in order to be a blessing to others. “Blessed to be a blessing,” as my Hubs says.

    We are so much like peas in a pod, you and I. I loved this post!

    I wish you enough. . .

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