There is Grace

I have to confess–God has been nothing but GOOD to me. Lately I feel as though I am living under the Divine downpour of His love and mercy. At every turn I hear His still, small voice of compassion–from the wellsprings of His goodness–bubble up from inside of me; cleansing and healing, and washing all the debris right out through my tear ducts. I think I would always like to rest in this place. Feels like grace to me…

I have found there
is grace
at the end of the day;
sweet grace
cosseting me–
culling me;
dressing my injuries–
a poultice
drawing the weeping

healing within,
pouring clean water over
all my sin.

When faith is frayed
on grace I lay
my  weary soul.

And still I long
to know;
not just go till
the end of the day
to find there was grace
all along the way.


  1. Lovely, Heather. And how much happier we would be if we recognized the presence of God’s Grace in everything and in all circumstances. When we open ourselves completely to the Love abd Feace of God, we can see God working in all things for our good, and then recognize whatever obstacles come our ways as opportunities to grow.

  2. Oh Heather, in addition to being an excellent writer, you are an accomplished poet! Thank you for lifting my spirits on this cold, bleak January morning.

  3. Lovely poem, Heather. You truly have a gift. 🙂 I was happy to see a new post pop up in my inbox yesterday. I was beginning to worry a little about you. Hope all is well.

    • Thank you, Jolene. As my daughter always tells me–I’m just slow! Not sure how everyone manages to keep up with their daily blogs; their daily lives–AND all the other blogs they’re following, so I’ve just decided to post when I’m able and play ‘catch up’ whenever I can. 🙂

      Take care.

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