This is a cleave poem. I was first introduced to them while spending a lot of time on a writing/reviewing/critiquing site. This genre, created by Phuoc Tan-Diep, was introduced to the site by a very talented writer. I’ve since discovered that the art of combining more than one poem (I read one that had four poems in total) goes back well before cleave poetry. But, since that is how I learned it this is what it will always be to me.

I also like the ‘cleave’ concept–that each thought leans into and is dependant on the other. We are left with a tapestry of words to wonder over; woven works of art having something truly unique to ponder depending on which way you look at them. And when you read one all together it is like taking a step back to gaze on the complete picture.

Last night I was thinking of Job, and how much better his life was after his suffering was over. God blessed the latter part of his life more than the first. Sometimes we forget that suffering will end, and that, if we are truly trusting it to a faithful heavenly Father, our lives can only be all the better for it. That’s what inspired this one.

Read it through first as one complete poem; then read each side separately. There are three distinct poems or variations of thought in this.


If Job became blessed

more than he was before are

the cruel arrows of those who

plunder wasted, should we mourn for

the suffering, despair? Knowing— they

rise up now and shall

in the end be comforted


  1. Wow, that is truly powerful. I love how it reads separate. You are very talented and the meaning speaks very clear. I, too, believe blessings are sweeter when you’ve experienced despair.

    Hope you have a joyful New Year!

  2. I like the cleave concept. I may try it when I am next feeling inspired. (Interestingly, photography I can do anytime. Writing, I need to be in the mood for.)

    I’m grateful for the opportunity to have stumbled upon your writing through WordPress in 2010. You have a beautiful gift. May you be blessed abundantly in 2011!

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