Put Off the Old…

Part of today’s message at church was about taking off our old selves and putting on the new. Sure sounds easy enough up in the balcony, praising with the angels. But, I know this week I’m probably going to get stuck in my old ‘me.’

I’m not really the ‘button-up-the-front,’ dress shirt kind of self you can just slip in and out of on a whim–more like the smothering, ‘too-tight’ turtleneck type that gets stuck around my shoulders while I’m trying to wrestle me over my big, fat head. I might need someone else to grab an end and give me a good yank.

I was thinking about this on the drive home: how changing isn’t always easy. Getting rid of some of the old things is… well, it’s hard. For one thing, I can’t always remember where I’ve left the new self, and sometimes I feel like–at least the old me’s got me covered.

You know what I mean: it’s hard to stop being angry at someone when you feel like it might leave you naked–exposed and vulnerable again. So, I just want to hang onto that outfit a little longer while I rummage through the house and find that forgiveness jumper. And, anyway, I like the way it enhances my curves. Oh!–you said it gets on your nerves.

I had no idea it was going to be like ‘Groundhog Day,’ either. You know–the movie where he keeps waking up the next morning and starting the same day over? No matter how many times I take myself off–I’m all wrapped up in me the very next morning. When I was young I had some friends who carefully laid their clothes out every night before they went to bed– I also had some friends who stuck my head in a snow drift till I thought I was going to faint–I just can’t live up to trying to be like my friends anymore.

This is why I’m glad the pastor reminded me that I have to let God change the way I think about things–by getting into the Word. It’s all by grace–I can’t earn it, or be good enough to do it, or feel bad enough to get it right. God does it–but I have to ‘co-operate.’

And, BOY, do I really want to learn to get it right. God is forgiving–this I have discovered with great delight–but, people? Honestly, sometimes sitting out in an arctic snow bank in my birthday suit with a pack of ravenous wolves seems more appealing than apologizing for a sudden slip of the old nature. Especially if my ratio of old to new days is one in ten, and no one even notices the other nine. Dressing to the ‘Nines’ doesn’t always cut-it with other people–which is probably a good thing because putting off ‘falsehood’ is right at the top of the list, anyway. It’s the first thing to go.

I was thinking about that, too, because, let’s face it–we’re all a little deluded about ourselves, and sometimes we’re just the last to know–wouldn’t it be easier if we could rip off each others’ outfits, instead? Cause I sure wonder if some people aren’t getting dressed in the dark… What’s that? Did I get this log suit at the lumberyard?


  1. Well ya know…they say the devil disguises himself in sheeps clothing…makes me wonder about outfits too. 🙂

    I know it’s hard to do what we are asked to. Afterall, we are just human. We are just sinners.
    That’s why Jesus came.

    I’ll never be perfect, I know that. What hurts me is trying to wear my old chains (because I deserve them, right?) when they no longer fit my new self, nor bind me in any way.

    The devil can tell you, why bother trying? But God knows what you are wearing.

    This was such a great post. Honest and real.

    • Thanks so much, Angelia. I was having some fun with yesterday’s message–which was just what I needed to hear, and very encouraging. Love church. 🙂

  2. I realized last week that part of my old self “The Old Man” rises up every once in awhile. It’s hard to put on your Sunday best when your wearing your track pants… lol… I’m glad that God reminds me of who I am and who He wants me to be.. Thanks for your blog today Heather♥♥♥

    • Thanks, Susan–keeping my eye open for your ‘Vlog,’–and I just read you’re going to be making it about dressing up and fashion for us ‘more mature’ models–can’t wait to see what you come up with! Any log outfits on the agenda? 🙂

  3. It’s going to take a crowbar and a lot of vaseline to get me out of the comfort zone outfit I’ve grown into. I love my zip up sweater hoodie and yoga pants! Growth and change mean doing something uncomfortable, that’s for sure. It won’t ever be comfortable until the stiff newness has worn off. Loved the analogy, working on a few changes myself these days.

    • Ha–thanks for the fun reply, tsuchigari. The vaseline and crowbar makes me think of that old story about the wind and the sun trying to get the man to take his coat off–maybe we all just need to ‘warm’ up to change a little more…

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