What do a bunch of forty and fifty year old women do when they get together–besides eating tons of great food, laughing a lot and having controversial conversations?

Revenge, of course!
Well, that–and trying on zany glasses.

Of course, as Susan pointed out to us today, we’re very forgiving when we take revenge–which is a really good thing, because there’s nothing like a little healthy competition to bring out our true personalities.
It was a great afternoon. We talked about capital punishment and the age-old ‘once saved, always saved (or not)’ theology. None of us completely agreed or disagreed–but we were all enriched.
We talked about Halloween, too, and how much we love to get together. Quite frankly, a few of us are actually starting to carry on compelling conversations with our pets.
I just couldn’t help but be blessed. These women are each so unique and amazing in their own rights. We haven’t been doing this all that long, but each time we meet I get to see a side of someone I never knew was there before.
Claudia likes to make sure things are done right–maybe a tad militant. We teased her because she kept reminding everyone to pick up an extra card, and making sure we were going in the right direction. I really love that about her. She’s solid, sincere, real and devoted to truth. All qualities I hugely admire in a person.
Diane likes to make people happy. She’ll bend the rules for you and give you a break. She doesn’t mind if you win by default–she just wants to see everyone win. But, she’s no pansy. She likes competition as much as the rest of us–I think she’s just reached a level of maturity where she knows how to yield to others.
Nina is just too darned cute! She’s sensitive and beautiful, and really loves to laugh. She’s like a bubbling brook whenever we meet–a fountain of refreshment flows from her heart.
And Susan is just plain perky. She sort of ‘goes with the flow’ but bobs up out of the water often to take a look around and crack a joke. She didn’t seem to mind if we played by the rules or not–with her, it’s more about just being together.
And, oh bother, I guess I end up being a ‘rules’ person. It didn’t satisfy me to have them explained and take someone else’s word for it–I had to read them for myself. Then dissect them and consider them in every possible light. Claudia suggested I take them home and study them–I think she was mocking me, but I actually wanted to.
I missed the other ladies, too. We all bring something unique–no matter how many of us show up, and we all leave with a sense of having taken a piece of each other with us. True friendship is exponential.
True friends are also safe to be with. There is no fear of being talked about behind your back or excluded–whoever you are. Goodwill is always a requirement.
Sanity, on the other hand, is not…

Later, guys.


  1. YOu get an A for observation. You also get an A for being there today with us and making the day much more enjoyable. Your such a delightful friend and your as cute as a button.. 🙂

  2. Great descriptions, very rich in words to bring out the personalities. Love that skill you have!

    I adore the glasses and the pictures. HA! Those are AWESOME, and now I really want to try them on.

    • Thank you so very much. 🙂
      I think, from as far back as I can remember, one of my favorite things has been just watching people–scary, I know! I used to think it was perfectly natural to stare into people’s houses through the windows as I went by, until one of my friends pointed out that it was a ‘faux pas.’

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