Cyber City Slum Blues — a little CyberCity surfing

Cyber bully throws a punch
flailing words like
dipped in bitter venom
across a sea of nanobytes
and numbers.
Lurkers beware,
he’s Aggro
can’t you see.

Come on, surf with me tonight
let’s ride this Bomb till it breaks.

Cyber scammers ride the wave, too,
ever eager to ply their trade
on cyber seekers ever eager
to make a lazy catch.

Ankle Busting easy;
these Snappers yield a rich

Cyber predator stalks his
prey–a sullen child with perfect
trust and forbidden fruit;
no one to protect.

Eat It up.
Just Dropping In,
after all.

Cyber-fling brings two
reckless hearts to ruin,
chatting up a tempest
as the unsuspecting
languish from pilfered

Surf these murky waters
with me;
hold on tight.

Cyber City Peaks tonight
what are you waiting for?
Grab your board and surf
the net–just keep away from
the slums.


  1. I loved your anology and similys and all those other wonderful things you did with that poem. It was brilliant.

  2. clever.

    I actually refuse to use chat anymore (except with good friends on rare occasions) because it turned me into a reckless heart to ruin. I communicate best with written words, so I let spill way too much for simple chummy friendship. I’m done with getting to know people via the internet. I need a lot of direct contact to balance out appearances.

    • How right you are, gracelucille. There needs to be a healthy detachment in those relationships not already forged with faith and trust (which requires ‘up close and personal’ contact)–or you can easily become disillusioned quite quickly.

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