Plainly Remarkable People

Though I love a good movie now and then, I’m not a TV watcher. Don’t want to let the media do all my thinking for me, and I’m not into all the hype: What are they wearing? Where are they vacationing? What’s the latest scandal? Good grief–I have enough drama in my life every day without having to go looking for somebody else’s.

I get irritated by the huge emphasis put on Awards galas, too. Making people bigger than they ought to be for all the wrong reasons. It is true–many actors deserve the accolades they get for their hard work, tireless commitment and behind-the-scenes blood, sweat and tears that nobody else sees. It’s just that I think a lot of other people deserve those accolades, too–and you just don’t hear about them.

I’d rather make my own celebrity status assessments, thank you very much. And so I will. I happen to rub elbows with some pretty amazing people. People who make my world a better place just by being in it.

Real life-livers living real life. No scripts. No bright lights. The people I call ‘friends.’ The kind of people everyone should stand up and applaud now and then.

And that’s inspired me to add a whole new category–Plainly Remarkable People.


  1. […] May 23, 2010 Susan–Unplugged Posted by Heather under Plainly Remarkable People | Tags: friends, friendship, inspiration, Inspirational, life, miscellaneous, musings, People, relationships | 1 Comment  I recently asked my ‘getting to know her better and better since Facebook’ friend, Susan, if she could be the very first person I interview for my new category–Plainly Remarkable People.  […]

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