Tasty Tortilla Crisps

So you’ve run out of nacho chips and the thought of plain old soda crackers caking up your cavities is hard to swallow–you’re looking for something to dip in salsa or crumble in your soup.
Start with one of these:

…brush with olive oil
sprinkle with salt and your favorite spices
toast in the oven (350) for five minutes or less…

…and voilà!
Instant (and tasty) tortilla crisps that are great for soups and dipping too.
I added onion and basil–but the possibilities are endless: go Italian with oregano, or spice it up with taco seasoning.
Just don’t make too many if you’re on your own… they are addictive.


  1. This recipe works well with the low-carb tortillas, too! And, you can spray them first with Olive Oil Pam veg. spray – then season. Still taste good, and you’ve saved yourself a few calories in the bargain. I love these! Thanks for sharing!

    • I’ll have to pass the low carb information on to my brother. I like the spray idea, but very rarely buy it because it’s so expensive. Thanks for the great feedback. 🙂

  2. They taste fantastic. I bought some tortillas today. Will definitely make a batch tomorrow.. I think they may replace my chip craving, cept I will have quaquimole with them.. ♥

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