Communicable Deep Freeze

This week I encountered someone who seemed terribly cold. This person’s coolness was so tangible it was chilling.

I was thinking about the way that is–that when we have a cold heart we feel somehow justified; like it’s our right. Even if we knew how it affected those around us we wouldn’t care–we couldn’t care, really.

Once coldness sets in, only the warmth of God’s love can deliver us–I know.

Communicable Deep Freeze

A cold heart is contagious:
creeps like osmosis
through the air;
seeps like silica
into the senses,
paralysing pulsing
arteries of faith,
cell, by steely cell.
Petrifying hope.
A numbing invasion
seizing unsuspecting souls
till every beating
heart is congealed
in the bloodlust of trust.


  1. I felt the cold vapor seeping from the words. Icy and very true to the heart of person who is dead.

    They say poetry is good for writers. It opens the mind to creativity. Excellent job!

    • Thanks–feeling the effects of the words is probably the best compliment there could be.

      I used to love poetry as a child (and on and off throughout the years), but, as I’ve come to really appreciate it as never before I do see how profound an effect it has in every other area of my life.

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