Photoshop Therapy

Last weekend I handed my camera over to my nephew to take some shots of the road construction on our ride to bring him and my niece home. I specifically said, “No pictures with me in them…”
A little editing was in order.

What?? Those are my real lips…

Spike crosses the continent in search of Barney. Coming to a field near you.

I have my good friend, Susan, to thank for that one. She thought I should put a dinosaur in the field when I posted the first pic to Facebook. We all had a good laugh at the adventure of trying to figure out how to actually get a dinosaur in there. Turns out you can just doodle it in yourself.

Heather was not paying attention to the signs along the way.


  1. Haha! Cute, Heather. I get to use Photoshop at work and it is so much fun. Can’t afford it for home, unfortunately. Perhaps one day…..

    • Susan–the dinosaur was your idea, though–and thanks so much for that. Sorry, I should have noted that with the picture–going to do that right now 🙂 .

    • Thanks for the feedback. Someone actually recommended Gimp to me, and I downloaded it, but can’t get it to work–I’m certain it’s my aging computer. Whenever I get a chance to upgrade I’ll definitely give it a try.

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