A Series of Unfortunate Events

Jasper and Ralph could only watch helplessly behind the locked door at the aftermath outside–when the Small Rodents truck collided with the Small Flightless Birds truck . . .

*That was a Far Side cartoon, I recently found out. I asked someone for a caption for this, and he thought it was perfect.


  1. Those are the names my brother came up with–I emailed him the picture asking for a quick quip–he’s funny like that. I was at the neighbor’s the other day when I noticed she had a cat attached to her screen–so I went home and got my camera, and when I got back there was another cat there. I only had time for one quick snap and then they were gone. But, I had no idea this other cat had this ‘paranoia’ thing going on–I was only hoping the picture turned out so I could crop the ‘clinging’ one.

    When I saw the look on its face I thought it was too good to pass up.

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